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Foo Phar's 5 Steps for Better Sleep.

Hello everyone, we’re back with another Foo Phar blog, and we’re feeling less Carrie Bradshaw, more Dawn of the Dead, as we haven’t been sleeping very well this week. So, after our VERY strong coffee, we had a light-bulb moment. Why not write a blog about this? We’ve all been there, sitting awake at night willing your brain to shut down and your leg to stop fidgeting so you can get some much needed sleep. Or, on the other spectrum, being a mum and woken up by your child every hour, almost magically transforming you from functioning adult capable of human conversation, to a close-eyed, weeping being, clutching cold coffee because you fell asleep half way through. We were chatting this morning about sleep deprivation and insomnia; we all experience poor sleep for a number of reasons, and we each have certain things that we try and implement to improve our sleep when possible. After discussion from everyone we came up with these 5 tips that we have found worked for us (when we use them, that is).
  • Don’t drink caffeine after 5pm- This one is something we most certainly do not follow daily in Foo Phar (especially with the new arrival of our coffee machine)! We always notice a difference in our sleep, and our ability to switch off when we consume coffee late in the evening. While it might not give you an instant kick, and feel like it’s not having much of an effect, your mind’s ability to slow down will decrease and your sleep can be disturbed. When we’re being very good, we try and have a cup of Valerian or chamomile tea to help relax our body and mind.
  • Lengthen your bedtime routine- Start getting ready for bed in small steps about an hour before bed, if possible. Wash your face while watching TV, or in between bedtime stories, put on your night clothes a little earlier, and start mentally winding down to prepare your mind to begin switching off.
  • Put the phone on silent (or switch off) a half hour before you plan on sleeping. Try not to use your phone while in bed, unless to set an alarm, (this is the one we are most guilty of, checking emails throughout the night, scrolling endlessly on Zara, it’s keeping us up for hours! ).
  • Meditation – now, hear us out. We don’t mean humming a chant in a curled up pose trying to channel your ‘chakra’, meditation is basically just breathing. Breathing and being away of your surroundings, and your body, wand letting thoughts flow rather than trying to make them stop. We use the Headspace App (when we remember) if we feel our mind is racing. It contains 10 minute voiceovers that help you breathe- they really work, we sometimes find ourselves falling asleep in the middle of them! This app is super for stress and anxiety sufferers also. If meditation isn’t your thing, even pop on a Sleep Playlist on Spotify.
  • If all else fails, try Melissa Dream. This recommendation comes in from Mary (F). Melissa Dream is a natural supplement to aid sleep, and relax the body and mind. With ingredients such as Theanine, Lemon Balm, Magnesium, and chamomile, all working to calm your mind, maintain a restful sleep and contribute to the normal function of your nervous system. These are one of our best-selling natural sleeping remedies in our Dublin store, and anyone who has tried them has seen incredible results from the first night. If you find it hard to switch off before bed, or if you find yourself waking constantly at night, we would definitely give these a try.*
*With any type of supplement always read the label, these can’t be given to a child under 12. If you are on any other medication call get in touch if you have any concerns. (