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Coping with Anxiety. #ItsOkNotToBeOk

Hello everyone, Elisha here. I'm writing this from a my desk looking out on a very gloomy day & this post seems quite fitting! We have written about anxiety before on our social channels and it's something that we get asked about very regularly by our customers. Stress and anxiety is something that every person suffers with either at some point in their lives, or on a daily basis. This morning we had a customer in requiring about taking a natural supplement for anxiety. Whenever I get asked about this, I always recommend Solgar L-Theanine. Theanine is the calming ingredient found in green tea, but in the Solgar supplement it has a much higher dose. I first came across this supplement two years ago when I returned to college to begin my Masters. Our Solgar rep called in and noticed that I seemed very on edge and recommended Theanine, and it has to this day been something I can't be without. It's hard to explain how brilliant this supplement is without trying it yourself, but I'll try! This is something so many people suffer with & live with on a daily basis, and speaking from experience, it is something that can ruin your day/week/month/year. You feel like there is a black cloud over your head and you can't seem to see the light. You worry about things that may never happen and panic about things you've blown out of proportion. Some days you don't want to talk to anyone, even people you're closest to and you'd rather stay in your room all day in case you're in a situation that makes you uncomfortable. Sound familiar? I have yet to find a miracle cure to make it go away for good, I find exercise, a good diet & meditation will work most days, but on the days it takes hold I have found Theanine supplements to be my saviour. They work by reassuring and giving you a calming feeling to allow you to step back and assess before panicking. I take these on bad days or if I know a stressful week is coming up, and they're pretty much always in my bag in case. I also try to take Balance Rhodiola & B Complex every day to keep my nervous system healthy. They're available in both stores and if you need any more information Our team would be more than happy to talk about it.