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Eczema & Psoriasis - our top tips from Avene!

Three years ago we were brought to the Avene Thermal Spa in Avene, France, and to be honest, it’s still quite hard to believe that we were there. The entire experience from start to finish was just incredible, we learned so much about Avene, the history of the brand, and the amazing people behind it. We wanted to share this post with you, because we know that eczema and psoriasis is one of the most common skincare queries we have in both stores. We attended a lot of workshops and lectures which were all so interesting and invaluable. The one which we found the most interesting was the Anti-Scratch workshop. Eczema affects 1 in 4 children and with a child suffering in the majority of Irish households, parents are constantly looking for avenues to relieve symptoms especially scratching. Here are a few tips we picked up which are easy to put in to place in your home and allow your child to develop healthy habits while living with eczema or psoriasis.

💧 do not use a soap on the skin, these are very drying and leave the skin very irritated, making it more prone to itch.

💧 keep bath times to a maximum of 15minutes to reduce drying out of the skin, and keep water temperature to no higher than 34*C.

💧 use gentle cleansers and washes which hydrate and cleanse the body without drying or irritating. Avene Xeracalm Cleansing Oil is the perfect choice as it is paraben, soap and perfume free.

💧 when drying the skin, don't rub, pat the skin dry gently to ensure no further damage is done to the skin.

💧make it fun for your child, play games such as the White LadyBird- get the child to dot cream all over their body like a ladybird and get them to massage the cream in gently all over their face and body.

💧 to help stop scratching, have two bears in the house. One for cuddling at bedtime and the other is the Scratch Bear, this bear should be a thicker texture, whenever your child feels the need to scratch, tell them to scratch their teddy instead.

💧 keep smooth pebbles or stones in the fridge and gently rub the pebbles over the areas that as itchy.

💧 ALWAYS have a bottle of Avene Thermal Water spray in the fridge and beside the bed. Spray directly on to skin for instant relief from itch.

💧use XERACALM Cream/Balm before bedtime and first thing in the morning. Xeracalm was developed after 12 years of research and is the ONLY cream on the market which STOPS ITCHING. It also protects the skin and helps repair skin which has already been damaged.

💧 put cotton or silk gloves on your child at night to reduce scratching during sleep.

Do you have any tips that you find work?

We would love to hear your thoughts, or if you have any feedback on the Avene Xeracalm range- get in touch below!

Team Foo Phar x