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Pestle and Mortar Erase & Renew Review

Hello everyone! pestle-mortar-erase-renew-double-cleansing-2 So, as you may have seen on our social channels last night, I (Elisha) tried out the brand new Erase and Renew double cleanse system by Pestle and Mortar last night. We got this product in both stores just before Christmas and when the order arrived we were blown away by the packaging – it’s AMAZING! Upon looking at the price we were a little taken aback to be honest- who was going to buy a cleanser for €76? Yes, you heard right, €76. When I brought it home I almost didn’t want to like it, otherwise I’d be forking out to buy it, but I knew that disappointment would never happen! I am a huge fan of Pestle & Mortar, I swear by the Hyaluronic Acid BUY HERE to save my skin and keep it hydrated, and I knew I would love this product just as much. I am a skincare fanatic, and I have no problem dropping money on natural, effective pieces if my skin really likes them. I would be a double cleanse advocate always, so the concept of Erase & Renew wasn’t new to me, and is something I would have no problem doing every night. First off let me say- the packaging is absolutely INCREDIBLE! It comes in a large hard cardboard box with a fold-over magnet lid, and inside the three products sit neatly in luxurious black velvet-like spaces. What you will see when you open the box are three items; the first is the pre-packaged Erase & Renew double-sided cleansing cloth which is 100% pure cotton and feels so incredibly soft, secondly you have a smooth black tub with your Erase (first cleanse), and lastly a crisp white bottle of Renew (second cleanse). I opened the Erase first and the smell made me stop in my tracks. Ever so gently fragranced naturally with oils the product contains, almost a citrus-like scent, I was dying to put it on my face! With the Erase you apply a small amount (about a 20c coin, maybe less) to dry skin and massage gently to remove face and eye makeup. The feeling on my skin was so luxurious, with a little going a long way, and the oils gently glided over my skin without it feeling greasy. I removed this with the damp facecloth (not the muslin side) and my make up (including eyeliner/mascara) came off in one swipe. This seriously impressed me. Looking at my skin it looked so clean, and I almost felt like I didn’t need to do the second cleanse (I did, as that is the whole point)! erase-renew-products-114-1200x1200 Going in with the Renew (white bottle), I pressed down to release one pump of the product and gently massaged it over my face. There are fruit enzymes present in this so if you feel a slight tingle this is normal (if irritation continues and becomes very stingy remove with water). The Renew cleanser felt amazing to massage in, I left it on for about 5 minutes because it felt like a treatment and I didn’t want to clean it off straight away! I removed this with the muslin side of the cloth (smooth side) dampened with water. I was amazed to see some makeup still come off- barely any, but it proves how important double cleansing is! erase-renew-products-120-1-1200x1200 The result after left me with perfectly clean, and ridiculously soft skin, it looked so hydrated and so radiant! I knew then that I would have to fork out and buy it. My mum mentioned to me later that night that my skin was literally glowing and it felt so amazing waking up today- also with NO panda eyes! While €76 is a big investment for a cleanser I honestly think it’s worthwhile. Even to try it once. My mum and I are going to share a box so it’ll be easier to justify! I also thought that I would go in to Zara or Penneys and easily spend €70, and have nothing to show for it! At least with this you are using the best ingredients and you will feel amazing every time you use it. It would make a great gift for Mother’s Day or birthdays. Even if you have a sister or your mum to share it with, the cost won’t seem as much! pestle-mortar-erase-renew-double-cleansing-products Let me know your thoughts, I’d love to hear how you get on if you try it! You can buy it by clicking below: Until next time! Elisha x