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What happened when I used REN V-Cense for one week...

Hello everyone! Happy Valentine's Day- we hope you are all being showered with gifts, chocolates and flowers today! (We've just had a loveheart cupcake with our morning tea so we are feeling the love in here today)! As you know, every week on here we'll be chatting about a product, giving an honest review, first impressions, sharing tips,while offering a 15% discount on the product in question. This week we're chatting about REN V-Sense Day and Night cream and how I (Elisha) got on using it for one week. So, to begin, I love REN products, I have tried everything from the Clay Cleanser (fab) to the Moroccan Rose Body Oil (you'll want to marry yourself after applying this), and I can safely say without doubt that anything REN bring out, I know I will like- no, love. REN is the Swedish word for clean, and each product is created without the use of parabens, synthetic fragrance, and any skin-unfriendly ingredients.

Ok, so, what kind of skin do I have?

My skin has changed over the past few years, due to getting older, living in a city, among other factors. I have combination skin- it varies from dry, to dehydrated, and other days can be oily. I also have quite deep forehead lines (cue the eye roll from my friends and family - I never shut up about these), they are something I'm very conscious of and until I make the big decision to get botox - (mum, look away), I am trying everything and anything to smooth them out naturally. It doesn't help that I frown most of the time when my face is resting and have done so since I was a child- I am happy I swear! I had read a lot of reviews about REN V-Sense and how it helped relax the skin and smooth lines, so I thought what's one more lotion to try!? I brought home the tester bottles to try for one week, with the plan of giving a review after.

Well, did it work?!

On the first night I tried it I placed on pump of the night cream in to my hands to warm up before gently massaging in to my skin. The first thing to note is the smell- it smells almost like mass! One of the active ingredients in this is Frankincense, not a smell that everyone will love, but I found it very comforting & utterly relaxing. This was my favourite part about the range- I know it shouldn't be! Aside from the addictive smell, the cream was rich- not overly- and moisturizing without being greasy. I found it took one or two minutes for the cream to sink in, but when it did it almost disappeared leaving the skin feeling hydrated, plumped and relaxed. I knew I wouldn't see a difference in my skin overnight, let alone one week, realistically it can take 4-6 weeks to see a real difference as this is how long it takes on average for skin cells to regenerate. Having said that- I did wake up the next morning with very plumped, hydrated but not oily skin, and I looked rested. Were the forehead lines GONE? No. But I did feel like my face looked more relaxed.

The Day Cream weigh in....

After using the night cream I was very excited to use the V-Sense Day Cream, mainly to smell that scent again! After my shower I placed one pump in between my hands to warm the product before massaging in to my face and neck. My skin felt so so smooth! The cream feels so luxurious without being heavy or greasy and instantly plumped my skin and hydrated it. The only fault in my opinion is that there is no SPF- REN products don't contain SPF as it is a synthetic and unnatural additive- this makes sense as it would go against their core values if they did add it in. That aside I added on my primer with SPF and put my makeup on. I work under air-conditioning and my skin can really dry out during the day, I found that day and the following days after applying it that my makeup didn't cake, and my skin didn't looked tired at the end of the day- it always usually does!

To sum up...

To sum up, my lines did not magically disappear and make me look like Margot Robbie, but I really loved the range, and see a difference in my skin; and it's something I probably will take the plunge and buy. I do definitely think and feel like my forehead lines have gotten a little smoother, and the condition of my skin has been much more consistent- it would usually change daily! My skin feel softer, more hydrated, and more glowing - I think so anyway! I don't have pictures as I'm not too comfortable having that on the internet forever! If you are looking for a good day & night cream for fine lines, and to hydrate and plump the skin, call in for samples to try for yourself! This week we have 15% off the V-Sense range, which can be bought in store or online by clicking HERE for the Night cream and day cream by clicking HERE. Have you ever tried it, or any of the REN range? We'd love to hear your thoughts! Until next time, Elisha :)