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Weekly Spotlight- Cleanmarine For Women

Good morning everyone! This week's spotlight is something that has always been so popular among our customers, and has always received such positive feedback. Cleanmarine Krill Oil for Women is a fantastic Omega supplement especially formulated to suit women's needs. Krill Oil for Women contains Omega 3, Vitamin D3, Soy Isoflavones & A range of vitamin Bs. What do all of these great ingredients do? Omega 3- this is vital for the health of every cell in the body. The body cannot make Omega 3 so we must consume it through are diet or through supplements. Vitamin D- this is known as the sunshine vitamin- unfortunately in Ireland we don't get enough sunshine which can lead to decrease in mood, and fatigue. By taking vitamin D it helps enhance mood, increase immune health, aids calcium absorption, blood sugar balance and blood pressure. B Vitamins support your nervous system which help you cope with stress and mood imbalance. Soy Isoflavones will also help women experiencing symptom of Menopause, as they mimic our hormones. Cleanmarine For Women also contains key ingredients to help alleviate PMS symptoms. This product is a natural solution to manage the symptoms of PMS and can be taken long term. A recent study has shown that the unique combination of ingredients in Cleanmarine For Women may be effective at reducing the most common psychological and physical symptoms of PMS*. This study was conducted over four months with Irish women who suffered from some or all of these symptoms; migraine, fatigue, insomnia, bloating, food cravings, skin break-outs and forgetfulness. At the end of the four months there was an average 69% improvement of symptoms taking two capsules a day. The new Cleanmarine for Women brand ambassador Louise Duffy ( a native Mayo woman), saw their amazing results in a few weeks. 'After a few weeks of taking the capsules I noticed a significant change physically; my hair was shinier and my skin looked really clear. But I was really most impressed and relieved to note the change in my moods - or rather the lack of change in my moods. For those one to two days every month when I normally felt moody and miserable, I just felt like myself, happy and balanced.' This week we have 15% off the entire Cleanmarine range, please call in if you have any questions at all. Until next time- Elisha :)