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Oxylent Multivitamin & why you should be taking them.

Hello everyone, halfway through the week! We have found this week that our energy levels are dipping, the says seems to be never-ending and we’re finding it very hard to keep the momentum up. This week we’re chatting about Oxylent Multivitamins & why you need them. If you’re feeling a little (or a lot) like us why not join us to help fight fatigue and generally feel much better every day? Oxylent is a multivitamin we have been stocking for a few years in our stores, and it’s always been one we have recommended as one of the best, and one of our favourites to take.

What makes this so good?

As trained healthcare assistants/pharmacists we are very aware of active ingredients, both their quality and their quantity. The thing that separates Oxylent aside from other supplements however is the fact that it also contains electrolytes for rehydration (like dioralyte), antioxidants, and amino acids meaning it’s a 5-in-1 supplement. There is also 1000iu of Vitamin D, and 1000mg of vitamin C in every daily sachet among a wide range of vitamins and minerals. It also contains L-Lysine for those who suffer with the scourge of coldsores, help keeping them at bay. By taking this supplement every day you are helping to support your immune system, reduce fatigue and increase energy, support healthy heart and muscle support, help protect against oxidative stress, and help support mental clarity and performance. As an added bonus it also tastes delicious! You add the sachet to water, it comes in a berry or mandarin flavour, and is sweetened naturally with stevia.

Who can take this?

This supplement is perfect for adults aged 16 and up. There is also a Children’s version available and a Prenatal, containing plenty needed for a healthy body and mind.

How much does it cost?

For the regular Oxylent a 30 day box will cost €29.95, Prenatal costs and Children’s Oxylent 30 day supply costs €21.95. You can also pick up 7 Day boxes for €7.95. This week we have all Oxylent available for 15% off in both stores and online by clicking HERE! Call in to either stores for any questions or email me on where I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. With any supplement care should be taken if you are on any other medication. Always double check with your healthcare advisor before taking. Until next time, and hoping we have a little more life to us, Elisha :)