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BPerfect 10 Second Tan Review!

Good afternoon everyone! Where has the sun gone!? Anyway, we're faking a colour in here today. As you may have heard last week, we mentioned that myself (Elisha) & Mary were trying out the brand new BPerfect 10 Second Tan over the weekend to give you all some feedback. I used the Dark and Mary used the Medium. I was heading to Robbie Williams in Dublin (IT WAS AMAZING), so I was really hoping I would have no tanning disasters! I am a tanning aficionado, and when I'm trying out a new tan I am VERY critical & hard to please. (Which I think we all should be- tans aren't cheap, and you want to get your money's worth)!

Firstly - what colour did I go for?

I love a dark tan, and while I still have *somewhat* a colour from my holdiays I knew it wouldn't seem too dark on me. Mary went for Medium as she prefers more of a natural glow to her skin, Mary is already olive-skinned anyway.


Packaging is important to me; I don't mean whether it as a marble bottle or a rose gold lid with unicorn horns, I'm referring to how the bottle wears over time with use. The bottle is black and plastic, so the tan will never show on the bottle making it look grubby. Something I find with most tans is the fact that the tan ALWAYS drips from the applicator- this drives me crazy! The first thing I noticed when using BPerfect 10 Second Tan was how clean the top stayed- not even a drip of tan leaked out.


Because I don't put tan on too regularly I make sure to really pay attention when I do take the time to apply it. BPerfect 10 Second Tan went on like a dream, I forgot my velvet mitt (which comes FREE with the tan) so I had to pick up a regular one in Penneys. Even by using that type of mitt the tan was so easy to apply, (I can only imagine how much easier it would have been with a velvet mitt). The tan dries quite quickly so take care to not leave areas without rubbing them in straight away. The colour guide is nice and dark so you can see exactly where the tan is going. I applied two layers, I waited until the first layer was dry before applying the second (it took less than five minutes). The smell for the dark is watermelon, on application the smell is quite faint, but it was quite pleasant. I found as the tan developed there was the usual fake tan smell, but it's not anything I'm not used to!

Showering off:

I always find that when I shower off tan the next morning that it almost all comes off, and I was pleasantly suprised! The guide colour came off and I was left with a rich, dark tan after. There were no streaks but I did find it caught a little on my creases in elbows, ankles, fingers etc. The colour developed was quite dark - be warned if you don't like tan too dark - I would definitely go for the Medium colour! I would describe it as darker than cocoa brown extra dark. I applied it on my face also the night before with a damp foundation brush & it was the nicest a tan has ever come out on my face.

Wear Off:

I applied this tan on Friday night, and today (tuesday) after daily showers I still have a strong colour left. It has come off a little patchy, but people keep commenting on my tan, and saying how natural it looks! Here is a picture I took today of my arm, without any flash. Mary's medium colour has worn off a little better, and looks so glowing still. I would compare the medium to cococa brown original (maybe a little lighter), bearing in mind Mary is olive skinned. I don't have any pictures of my tan by myself from the weekend, but the pictures posted by So Sue Me when she wore the tan show exactly the result I got:


Clean bottle Easy application Fast Drying Pleasant smell when applying No smell once washed off Perfect for face application - tanning the face will not suit everyone so be careful if it doesn't usually agree with your skin! Doesn't all wash off in shower Fool-proof & no streaks when taking care of application Lasts 3-5 days Free mitt with purchase & 200ml bottle for €24.99 Medium is a very natural colour - Dark is a lovely dark if you like dark tans.


Typical tan odour when developing (goes once showered off) Develops a little patchy on elbows, hands, knees (this goes for pretty much all tans so wouldn't be a deal-breaker for me) I found the colour a little on the orange side- however it photographs much more of a natural colour & I had so many people stop and ask me what tan I was wearing and if it was real. I did however apply two generous layers, so it mightn't have been as orange if I applied just the one!

Would I recommend this tan?

Absolutely. I have tried A LOT of tans over the years and this is the only one that has actually developed in to a deep, dark colour. Sometimes you just want a really dark tan, it's a great one for a night out, but I wouldn't wear the Dark for sunday lunch! Mary loved the Medium, we compared notes to compose this post and agreed on everything bar the cons I had. She had nothing bad to say at all about it! Have you tried it yet? We would love to hear how you got on, let us know in the comments! To shop the tan & the FREE velvet mitt you can click any of the links in the post & the images or by clicking this link here: Until next time, Elisha :)